Today’s Reflection

In light of the earth’s current chaos, I invite you to practice loving those around you today. To willingly take care of those closest to you, those at home. To meet everyone you come across with a smile. To make time for more laughter and tears. To not feign affection but embrace the nurturing strength of your spirit’s warmth. To speak up and say your truth with passion, clarity, and grace. To promote integrity, justice, and collective togetherness despite the conditionings. To enthusiastically participate in creative altruism and think beyond yourself. To consistently believe that there is good and beauty to be found in everything. To focus on raising your energetic vibration instead of fighting immorality. To not misplace your faith in humanity and enrich an infinite amount of hope amidst its struggles. To put your love in the cracks of people’s souls rather than shaming them for their faults. To give more than you think you can give especially to those who need it the most. To be thankful for every single moment and experience, favorable and unfavorable, the Universe has entrusted upon you. To lead a compassionate life of virtue, wisdom, and selfless kindness. To let there be room for grief and misery to heal in order to feel the pleasures of joy and relief. To not punish ourselves for not loving correctly. To not to push each other way when we love too hard or love too little. To hug those you love just a little bit tighter. To stay resilient in times of discomfort, challenge and oppositions. To show up and relentlessly try in place of waiting for perfection. To not let fear cripple you but recognize it as a significant sign of what you should do next. To not take for granted those who love you and those you love. To love until it hurts until there is only more love left. To seek the barriers within yourself that you have built against love and surrender your ego. To mean well, commit and take responsibility. To tell your magical stories and listen to others as they speak their own. To really listen, with expansion and empathy. To welcome vulnerability with sheer abundance. To strive for authenticity and devotion more than success and prosperity. To have enough courage to love one more time. To earnestly trust once more. To brave it out. To do small things with great love. To be of service in this life and to dedicate yourself to others. To care enough to understand that there is no better day than today to be the change. To be there for life sincerely and unconditionally. To fully give because giving is receiving and there is nothing as powerful as spilling your heart every day. Because in this life, this is what it means to be completely human.

Underneath the fear, dubieties and circumstances, we can still create a better world. Here’s to you and us.

Model Eats: Sexy Veg Burgers, Cape Town


What is sexier than a meat burger? A great gluten free veggie burger! While living in Cape Town, there were very few restaurants and grocery stores that offered a soy free veggie burger. South Africa is a big meat-eating country! One of my favourite health stores in Sea Point had these bad boys: SEXY FOOD Sexy Veg Burger. First off, I was already sold by the name. Second, it’s hard to find a soy free, gluten free veggie burger that’s not only good for you but tastey. Most veggie burgers are bound with wheat flour but these are made with coconut flour. I think the key ingredient to any great veggie burger are beans, beans, beans!

These burgers are gluten free, soy free, sugar free, preservative free and dairy free. (PERFECT!) Just a clean healthy burger made with real ingredients such as chickpeas, brown rice, lentils and my favourite, chia seeds. Chickpeas are high in protein and chia seeds are high in omega and fiber that you can eat these as your source of protein. The most recent flavor I’ve tried was the Thai-Licious patty (as seen in my photo above). It has loads of flavor and the spices compliment the chickpeas deliciously. For clean eating, try eating these bunless with a side of green veggies topped with alfalfa sprouts. There is nothing sexier than these burgers. Only thing is that these are only available in Cape Town. I wish could pack some with me on the plane ride back home!! Maybe I’ll start a petition to make these internationally available. 😉

For more info on SEXY FOOD, check out their website:

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